Join the CAP/AIDS Community as we ride to support sustainable livelihoods for HIV-affected youth in Uganda!

Our African Community Projects

We are engaging with the grassroots, working to relieve poverty, reduce the spread of HIV and other diseases, increase access to health services and ensure that all children can attend school.


Our monthly sustaining donors enable our partners to plan sustainable responses to community challenges!
CAP/AIDS is a community of support within the Canada Africa Partnership Network.
We support locally-driven projects which enable African communities to resist, survive and overcome HIV/AIDS.

CAP/AIDS Work in Africa

To date, CAP/AIDS has partnered with more than 15 grassroots CBOs, supporting local efforts to reduce HIV-transmission, improve economic opportunities for HIV-affected women and youth, and address social determinants of vulnerability to HIV.

About the CAP Network

The Canada Africa Partnership Network facilitates partnerships between concerned Canadians and African communities, providing capacity building and resources to support locally developed, community-driven projects.

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved - whether you'd like contribute to the cause as a donor or volunteer, deepen your understanding of HIV and development in Africa or make a connection with one of our grassroots partners...
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