10. 5. Amazing!

TEN. FIVE. Amazing!

Thanks to the participation of riders and their sponsors, the 2014 AIDS Ride for Africa bike-athons raised $33,000. Funds are being disbursed to ten community-based projects in five African countries!


In Ethiopia:

Funds are supporting KMG Ethiopia’s efforts to reduce mother-to-child transmission of HIV & increase HIV/AIDS awareness for pregnant women in Kembatta Tembaro Zone. KMG is supported by our Canadian partner Ethiopiaid Canada.

In Ghana:

Funds are supporting the community of Sandema to provide HIV testing, providing bed nets to people living with HIV and to disseminate HIV/AIDS awareness programs over the local radio station. Sandema is supported by our Canadian partner Step by Step Africa.

In Kenya:

Funds are supporting the Kijiji Cha Upendo Children’s Project in the Kibera slum community of Nairobi to support sustainable livelihoods for families caring for AIDS orphans and to provide school fees. Kijiji Cha Upendo is supported by our Canadian partner Village of Love Canada.

Funds are also supporting the SEED Canada schools in Kibera providing affordable education for AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children and youth.

In Tanzania:

Funds are supported Pippi House, a shelter for street girls working to reduce vulnerability by protecting them from high risk behaviours and to help them access skills training and employment.

Funds are also supporting Africa’s Children Africa’s Future’s Orphans and Vulnerable Children Support Programme which aims to secure a better future for children affected by AIDS in Dar es Salaam.

Finally, funds are also supporting UMWI and Rainbow Centre, projects based in Arusha benefiting women and youth affected by HIV/AIDS through counseling and livelihood support. UMWI and Rainbow Centre are supported by our Canadian partner CSRAI.

In Uganda:

Funds are supporting the CAP/AIDS Home of Hope – a community resource centre in Boro Boro used for support group meetings, HIV/AIDS education and livelihood training for AIDS-affected youth.

Funds are also support a Women’s Income Generating group employing 21 HIV positive mothers and grandmothers from Luweero at the Shanti Uganda Birth Centre.

Finally, funds are supporting the Network for African Youth Leadership and Development Learning Centre in Luweero providing alternative education opportunities for our of school orphans and vulnerable children as well as HIV/AIDS outreach within the community.

Together we are enabling amazing people on the ground in these communities to reduce vulnerability and ensure a brighter fruture for children, youth and families affected HIV/AIDS!

Thank you as always for being part of our Network of support.

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