Aboke HIV/AIDS Women’s Association

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Our partnership with the Aboke HIV/AIDS Women’s Association (AHWA) started in 2008 with a bicycle distribution to caregivers who were members of AHWA and continued from 2009-2012 with AHWA as an implementing partner in our Sustainable Livelihoods for Orphans and Caregivers project. Since then CAP/AIDS has continued to meet with AHWA to conduct follow-up visits with beneficiaries and to provide ongoing mentorship for youth and new micro-enterprises. CAP/AIDS is also actively supporting AHWA in further developing thier governance, financial and project management systems and in developing new projects.

Current Project

CAP/AIDS is working with AHWA to develop and expand livelihood activities for their members and in developing their organizational capacity for seeking local funding for their activities.

Community Served

Founded by women in the community who were living with HIV and/or caring for the orphaned children of family and neighbours, the association worked with no budget for many years, volunteering their time to educate community members about HIV and to provide counseling, care and support for each other as they faced tremendous challenges to meet basic livelihood needs and to care for children. CAP/AIDS is working with AHWA to support sustainable livelihoods for orphans and caregivers, to provide ongoing HIV awareness activities and to develop their capacity to manage projects and tap into locally available funding for community development projects.

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