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Our Partnership

Our partnership started in 2007 with a bicycle distribution to caregivers who were members of NSC and conducting volunteer outreach and counseling to families affected by HIV/AIDS. The bikes were also used to transport patients to the hospitals or clinics to access treatment and care and also provided them with a valuable asset to improve their own livelihoods thus freeing up more time and resources for these volunteers to dedicate to their community work. Needy Support Centre was also a partner in CAP/AIDS’ Sustainable Livelihoods for Caregivers and Youth Project implemented in four communities of Ethiopia and Uganda from 2009-2012.

CAP/AIDS has been working with Needy Support Centre to improve their governance and management systems, to develop a website and improve their capacity to establish partnerships and solicit funding in their own right.

Current Project

CAP/AIDS is working with NSC to extend their work to support caregivers of AIDS-orphans and AIDS-orphaned youth in developing sustainable livelihoods. Funding through the CAP/AIDS Network is being used to support entrepreneurship training, mentorship and micro-grants to invest in new income-generating activities.

Community Served

The Needy Support Centre operates in one of Kampala’s low income areas known as Nakawa Division. This area of the city was settled largely by people escaping violence in the northern parts of the country in the 1970s. High poverty rates and sporadic relocation have exacerbated the spread of HIV/AIDS in this community, as well as the social and economic effects of the disease. The organization seeks to support, educate and empower people in their community who are living with HIV/AIDS, victims of human rights violations, single mothers, widows, and the elderly. Their aim is to encourage the self-reliance of these persons through economic independence and education.

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