African Partnerships

To date, CAP AIDS has partnered with more than 15 grassroots CBOs, in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and South Africa, engaging with them using a ‘learning through doing’ model of capacity building and providing resources in support of local efforts to reduce HIV-transmission, improve economic opportunities for HIV-affected women and youth, and address social determinants of vulnerability to HIV. Our current efforts are focused on the CAP AIDS Uganda Home of Hope, a transitional living center where HIV vulnerable young women gain health, life and livelihood skills enabling them to live independently and build healthy futures.

CAP-AIDS Uganda – A locally registered Ugandan NGO, CAP-AIDS Uganda has been our regional implementing intermediary on multi-country projects focused on Sustainable Livelihoods and Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission. Currently we are working with CAP-AIDS Ug to develop and deliver services at the Home of Hope in Boro Boro. Read More >
Pippi Foundation for Girls, Tanzania – The Pippi Foundation for Girls operates Pippi House, a shelter home for street-involved HIV-vulnerable young women in Arusha, Tanzania. They currently house 30 women and 6 children and are supporting them to finish their schooling and develop employment skills so that they can build a healthy and sustainable future. 

Alumni Partners

Ethiopia: Anti-Malarial Association, HAPCSO, hope Bright Vision, Mekdim, HAPCSO, Tila Association of Positive Women

Malawi: Counselling and Youth Organisation

Tanzania: Moringe Plus Group, Nyinyiri Ya Ngama, Training Research Monitoring and Evaluation on Gender and AIDS (TRMEGA), Women in Action

Uganda: Aboke HIV/AIDS Women’s Association, Agawata TBA Association, Dyer Tek, Lira Neighbourhood Women’s Association, Needy Support Centre, Obanga Ber Women’s Group, Zion Women’s Trust

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