PostCard-CHW-v2(front)The Canada Africa Partnership Ride is an annual solidarity fundraising bike-a-thon. Over the years, these bike-a-thons have generated more than $280,000 and have engaged more than 1,150 participants across the country. CAP/AIDS organization and participation in the bike-a-thons has resulted in numerous projects that have improved access to health, education and livelihood throughout East Africa.

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June 12/ 10:00 a.m./ High Park

This year, 2016, We are riding for youth in northern Uganda.

The Project

This year’s project is with CAP/AIDs Uganda’s Home of Hope and we are working together to build a sustainable livelihoods training centre for orphans and vulnerable youth.

Youth in the program are between 17 – 25 years of age, are out of school, under or unemployed and are head of their households. Many of the youth have younger siblings and older family members to provide care for and frequently get by with 1-2 meals a day.

This particular youth program includes life skills, e.g. financial literacy and reproductive health education and is part of efforts to change the reality for many Ugandan youth. Ugandan youth are experiencing extremely high levels of unemployment and have the highest transmission rates of HIV/AIDS in the country. Working to lower transmission means creating income opportunities that create sustainable businesses and food security and contribute to overall community health and development.

The Ride is a solidarity Ride, and the bicycle, a symbol of our collective potential.

We chose the bike as a symbol of solidarity between Canada and Africa, recognizing the importance of the bike as a tool in meeting local needs. The communities we partner with use their bikes as a tool in community health work, e.g. as an ambulance and to mobilize home based care and educational and awareness programs. The bike also provides transport to and from markets, promoting and permitting sustainable incomes through market access. Its a tool in education as well, getting to school, to vocational training programs, to community meetings. In Canada we ride our bikes every June and turn our bikes into  tools that expand access to health, education and livelihoods.

Join the CAP Ride and support CAP/AIDS work in Uganda with youth. Click to support>>

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