Bike Distribution


The Need

Our grassroots partners are working hard to reach their communities with HIV/AIDS education, to provide care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS and to support families caring for AIDS orphans. However, in busy urban centres and rural villages alike, volunteers on the ground often have difficulty reaching vulnerable members of their communities due to the time needed to travel. Thus, their impact can be limited not by lack of will or know how, but by the limits of relying on traveling by foot or relying on more costly forms of transport.

CAP/AIDS’ Response

CAP/AIDS provides bicycles to organizations that cannot afford motor vehicles but need transport to expand and strengthen their outreach, education and care. Bicycles are an ideal means of reaching members of the community as they are affordable, easy to maintain and can be used to cover distances in a relatively short amount of time. The bikes CAP/AIDS provides are locally procured and are accompanied by a basic repair kit and training on bicycle maintenance to ensure that they are a sustainable resources for our partners and their communities.

Impact and Results

Over the years, CAP/AIDS has provided more than 1,000 bicycles to partners in Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda in support of HIV outreach, education and care and support activities by local volunteers. Equipped with a bike, outreach and care workers can expand their reach by 10X – therefore greatly expanding their reach and maximising their effectiveness in supporting the needs of HIV/AIDS affected members of their communities.

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