Paul inspires

DSC_0361Paul is the head of the Aboke Youth Drama Group. See April’s blog post for a great story on how the drama group began! We are highlighting Paul as one of many inspirational community leaders that continues to focus on HIV/AIDS prevention and ending stigma and poverty around the disease.

Paul’s been involved with the Drama Club for a few years and it began when youth had had enough! The impacts of HIV/AIDS on communities, on families, on individuals and on youth was too much and it struck Paul, as well as others, that the grief, the loss, the upending of lives was actually something that they could do something about and they began to plot and create. The drama group is now well known, and has crisscrossed much of Uganda sharing knowledge, overcoming attitudes through creativity and engaging people where they are.

The Canada Africa Partnership is about communities leading  there own development and responding to community felt needs. Paul is a leader, a mentor, a teacher, a community member and an HIV/AIDs Hero.  The drama group has sent thousands of messages to thousands of people through live theater, through engaging people on important health issues and supporting community health and well-being and created youth leadership. Community members have come forward to be tested while others have come forward because they needed assistance. Knowledge has been shared. Skills have been shared. Lives have been made better. This is what communities do, and this what Canadian РAfrican partnerships support.

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