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CAP AIDS was started in 2003 by a small group of concerned people in Canada and East Africa who both recognized that, at the time, there were no national scale Canadian NGOs focused exclusively on addressing HIV/AIDS in Africa. Meanwhile, they knew first hand of many volunteer-driven efforts in African communities who were making the most of meagre resources to respond to community needs on the struggle against HIV/AIDS in their communities.

Our community was established to provide a means of connecting concerned Canadians with these groups on the ground in African communities and to support our common goals through solidarity, mentorship and joint project implementation.

Since then, the organization has expanded and has become the Canada Africa Partnership Network (CAP Network – www.capnetwork.ca) and CAP AIDS has remained as an affiliate community, focused on raising funds and solidarity for HIV/AIDS focused efforts under the CAP Network umbrella.

For more information about our work and how you can get involved, please contact us at: capaids@capnetwork.ca


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